President and Founder

J. Eric Eaton is no stranger to the early stage of technology ventures. He has built four software teams throughout his career, all at a rapid pace with venture capital or private equity. Mr. Eaton is the primary inventor of twelve software inventions. His opinions have been featured in Security Systems News, Jane's Airport Review, and Government Security News. Mr. Eaton's software designs have been given six industry awards including Groundbreaking Excellence in Innovation. Mr. Eaton holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Purdue University, and was a graduate of the Inaugural class of the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities.

Mr. Eaton is an active investor. Mr. Eaton has seven years of experience in private equity investing, real estate investing, and public stock and bond investing.

Senior Branding and Marking Consultant

Dave Crawley is a published senior marketing executive with an important understanding in corporate intelligence. He has extensive experience in managing a diverse portfolio of responsibilities to build markets, create brands, and pioneer product introductions.

Mr. Crawley has a portfolio of experience that includes Vice President Business at Idoneous Global (full service security and intelligence), and leading Hewlett-Packard (HP) business units around the world to introduce Software-as-a-Service population based computing capabilities. David has worked internationally with industry leaders including Tetra Pak, Pepsi-Cola, HP and Frito-Lay to deliver new products and to launch emerging markets.

As Deputy CEO for Young and Rubicam (Y&R)/Moscow Mr. Crawley specialized in emerging industries, account management, team building, business development, strategic planning, and innovation. Mr. Crawley co-launched Frito-Lay/Russia as Marketing Director and served on PepsiCo's European Purchasing and Logistics Board: salty snacks. Unique to his experience is the brand creation process developed at Y&R that is still in use today.

Launching Trends

Getting in on the early stage of a software company can be exciting and lucrative. If you invest in one that becomes a trend, the sky is the limit. Invest in one that has a problem or two and you'll watch your investment go down in flames. Such is the nature of technology innovation. We go big or we go home. There is no halfway in this game.