Groups working together in harmony are greater than the sum of their individual talents and abilities. We expect companies we invest in to show healthy signs of camaraderie, trust, and ability to counterbalance one another.

Customer Service

Have a ravenous appetite for delivering value to customers. Teams should prioritize their efforts toward projects that deliver lasting and clear customer value. Such value should be straightforward and easy to understand.


Set some attainable goals. Strive to meet them to the best of your ability. Missed commitments should be acknowledged and given a plan of action to move forward. If every commitment is a succes, then you aren't pushing enough.


Truthfulness, integrity, and clarity should be upheld at all times. We believe that no one is perfect, and that mistakes and problems happen on the road to success. Being honest about a problem is the quickest way to restore trust.

Appropriate Openness

Keep confidential information private. Be open about non-confidential matters. This must always be in balance. This balance should be clearly articulated to a team and followed as part of their daily efforts.

At Technology Cultivation Fund, we are students of history and innovation. History teaches us that wealth, regardless of how you measure it, is created by continuous innovation. New ideas transform formerly worthless materials into valuable commodities. New processes, methods, and techniques allow people to do more with less. Even the most rudimentary student of history can see the powerful impact and value that innovation brings to our world. In uncertain times, it is the certainty that things will change and that new technology will be invented that gives us confidence in a bright future. The human desire to do things smarter, faster, and better is a tremendous source of wealth, not only to those that own the technology, but to those that profit from its use. We believe economic prosperity is rooted in innovation.