Funding and Nurturing Innovation

There exists, within the imagination of an inventor, a better world. There is a moment, perhaps lasting only for a fraction of a second, where inspiration flashes into the mind. In that moment, only perfection exists. The solution to a long-studied problem presents itself in a way that is so elegant, so simple, and so unconventional, that the inventor has no choice but to pursue this solution with the entirety of his or her being.

After this moment, the new idea must go through the reviews and the doubts of every other mind that comes into contact with this new idea. Gradually, as other minds overcome their doubts and see the value of this new idea, excitement and acceptance ride the wave of the idea as it spreads. For the inventor, this journey from rejection to acceptance presents a unique set of challenges.

At Technology Cultivation Fund, we seek out these types of inventors. We find them, we fund them, and we guide them through the challenges of market acceptance.

Launching Trends

Getting in on the early stage of a technology company can be exciting and lucrative. If you invest in one that becomes a huge trend, the sky is the limit. Invest in one that has a problem or two and you'll watch your investment go down in flames. Such is the nature of technology innovation. We go big or we go home. There is no halfway in this game.